Why should you adopt a cat?

Pets are great companions, they help to keep their owners happy and healthy. Watching cat

Pets are great companions, they help to keep their owners happy and healthy. Watching cat videos help to boost energy and enhance positive emotions, so owning a cat is better for you.

If you adopt a cat, you will need to get pet supplies for the cat. The supplies will range from food and bed to toys and drugs. You can read reviews about pet stores on US-Reviews to know more about the supplies you will need for your cat and where to get them. Here are some benefits of having a cat:

Cats help you cope with grief

It is incredibly painful to lose a loved one, but cats help their owners cope with it. They are very sensitive beings and able to quickly detect the mood of their owners. As such, they help their owners show fewer indicators of physical pain such as crying. Even though they are only animals, they are great means of social support. Some pet owners even find talking to their pets very therapeutic as it helps them work out their feelings. It is not every pet owner that loses a loved one but whatever loss you may suffer, your cat is there to help you go through it.

Cats make you more attractive

If you are single and you are looking to get hooked to someone else, get a cat. A study shows that people are more attracted to potential partners who have a cat. It is believed that pet owners are nicer and good at loving and caring for others. Since you have to treat your cat as a human being- give it food, spend time with it, be sensitive to its emotions and respond appropriately, you won’t find it difficult to extend such care to others. However, ensure you don’t neglect your cat once you get a partner.

Cats cure your loneliness

Cats are affectionate beings who care deeply for their owners. For instance, a study affirms that cats are good companions, especially for women. Another study shows that having a cat is like having a romantic partner in the house. They not only initiate contact but also remember acts of kindnesses and always return the favor. Due to years of domestication, cats are also able to make purrs that sound like the cry of a human baby. As such, since most humans are programmed to respond to a baby’s distress, it is impossible to ignore a cat when they purr.

Cats save lives

Even though cats are mostly known to be aloof, they have saved countless people. There have been cases when cats saved their owners from potential fire outbreaks which could have happened as a result of gas pipe leaking. Cats care about their owners irrespective of their aloofness, and they do everything within their power to protect them.

Cats enhance a healthier heart

Generally, having a pet is good for your health. Cats particularly help to lower your stress levels as they don’t require much attention like dogs and reduce the anxiety you already have. Besides, petting your cat has a calming effect. Some researchers say that cat owners are less likely to die of heart-related diseases than those who don’t have a cat. If you have a heart-related medical condition, getting a cat is a good decision.